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Artisan Bread Books

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Artisan Bread Books

Hello all, I have just began reading Peter Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apperntice and i must say that it was quite overwhelming, so i just cracked on and made a Pate Fermentee to see what would happen, the bread turned out great! The lashes also spread out beutifully. The only thing was i could not shape the baguette. Any thoughts of the easiest way to shape this bread? I have to say though the book is excellent, gives you all the information you need to know about breadmaking and more which i will sink into properly at some point. I also got his Artisan Baking Everyday as was recommended by the great people on TFL. I have to say i am very happy with reading all the posts, it just seems everybody is in love with the bread making process. I am learning a lot and hope that someday i can give advice to people here and be as helpfull as the people that constatntly guide us.



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Hi Ghazi,

Ciril Hitz has great video  demonstrations of how to shape baguettes and other breads on You Tube.  I have tried using his technique and unfortunately, I cannot say I have the same successful results that he does.  Nevertheless, it is a great video.

SteveB of Breadcetera also features a baguette shaping demonstration on his web blog.  Hope these two can help you out.

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Yes that is probably the best way to learn outside of an actually bakery. Thanks MadRuby for your feedback, im sure with sheer persistance and determination you will get those shapes expertly moulded. Daisy_A, finding those videos is charm! Thanks for that. I have been directed to one before and it helped me shape a tight loaf! Excellent

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Have to say I found the videos on BreadHitz@YouTube very helpful to me as a novice bread shaper. Very clear and well-presented with techniques that I found straightforward but very effective.

Kind regards, Daisy_A