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Baguette with bulging biceps!

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Baguette with bulging biceps!

My baguette rose nicely in the oven but has bulging biceps, which is to say that expansion was great beneath the slashed areas (three slashes) but tight and unexpanded beneath the unslashed areas.  I'm guessing my problem is that I should have extended each slash farther and overlapped them (?).  I also kept the slashes straight down the center of the loaf rather than diagonally slashing (per advice from Ortiz, "The Village Baker," -- which I am now doubting).

Any thoughts?




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Hi, RB.

A photo would help, but, from your description, you I take it you got excess oven spring under you slashes. This generally is from under-proofing baguettes. Joe Ortiz's slashing instructions are correct.


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FWIW, I took the 4-hour baguette class at KAF's school (so, an expert I am not) yesterday and we did five slashes 1/4 inch deep at a 45 degree slant with 1/2 inch overlaps. They came out better than any I had done previously. Out of 50(?), the only one that burst incorrectly was the one we purposely baked seam side up. Previously, I had been making diagonal slashes with inferior results. Good luck!


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Alpine Baker

Chances are good that it is underproofed (even if just slightly) and that you did not overlap enough. That's why this happens to me occaisionally. When my scoring is sound and I've proofed well, however, the results are beauty. Fantastical little swirly, curly "s"s overlapping the length of the baguette evenly.