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Ciabatta Techniques

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February 20, 2007 - 9:23pm -- crumb bum

Hello All

I would just like to thank the member who posted their technique for making a decent ciabatta. If I could relocate the post I would assign you all to read it, its make the lightbulb go on stuff. Before reading this post my ciabattas were nothing more than 2 inches of standard french bread with a single seperated bubble/membrane/cave on top. The post stressed you want the "finished" loaf to be 2 inches thick and emphasized dimpling and pushing the dough out an inch or so thick. In the past I would proof it in a couch supporting the sides thinking it would lead to all those great bubbles. This one I let proof without any support. I also was impressed that the post made their ciabatta at 72% hydration (memory?) I always was at 80%. Bottom line is my technique was bad.

This ciabatta is 75% hydration, three folds, dimpling/pushing to make the dough 1 inch thick proofed and baked. I also baked this dough using the no preheat method. 1/3 cup water on floor of oven, place on middle rack, "no" baking stone, turn oven on to 525 for 10 minutes and down to 440 for remainder of time. Thanks again for the help.

Da Crumb Bum