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Soft crust help, please

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Soft crust help, please

I'm pretty new to the bread making thing.  I've made some loaves of wheat bread and the Buttermilk Cluster on this site and they turned out pretty well.  However, my wife won't eat them because the crust is too, well, crusty.  How do I make a bread with a crust as soft as the bread you get at a store?





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I don't think you do, honestly.  Not with the normal ingredients a home baker has access to.  Adding fats like oil, butter, or milk soften things up a bit, but not as much as commercial loaves.  Potatoes too... the potato bread I made this last weekend was quite soft.

Storing bread in a plastic bags for a day or two will also soften the crust a bit more.  

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Brush some melted butter on the bread before and after baking.  I do that for my sister who has dental problems and can't eat crusty bread.