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Sourdough Spelt

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Sourdough Spelt

This is my recipe of a 50% sourdough spelt.

  Total Dough      
A/P flour 50% 539 grams    
spelt Flour 50% 539 grams    
Water 65% 701 grams    
Salt 2% 22 grams    
Total 167% 1,800      
  Levain Build      
        Prefermented Flour
A/P flour 100% 204 grams 35%  
Water 60% 122 grams    
Sourdough 25% 51 grams    
Total 185% 377      
  Final Dough      
A/P flour 310 grams      
spelt  Flour 539 grams      
Water 553 grams      
Salt 22 grams      
All levain 377 grams      
Total 1,800 grams      



In the evening, take you starter out of fridge, refresh it , and leave it on counter to double. Refresh it again before you go to sleep in such a way that it would double overnight.


In the morning, refresh the starter in propotions that would allow the starter to ripen in maximum of 4-5 hours. I chose to bake during week day, therefore i brought the starter with me to work to build my final levain. I was afraid of over ripening during my duty, so i reduced the starter in the levain from 25% (51g) to 25 grams. it took the levain 11 hours to ripen @60 hydration at 78F !

At Home, i cut the levain and dissolved it in the recipe water (tepid water), and then added the remaining ingredients except the salt. I Autolyzed the dough for 1/2 hour, and then spread the dough, sprinkled all salt on top, kneaded the dough until a smooth ball is formed. I was wary of my mixing , so as to not to over develop the spelt.

I immediately transfered the dough in its iled bowl to the refrigerator for an 18 hour retardation.


In the morning, I removed the dough( which has increased 50% in volume) to a bench and stretched and folded it letter wise. The dough was returned to the bowl, and i went to work.

On the evening, and 18 hours later, i removed the dough (which increased 50% in volume) to a bench divided it into two (1000g, and 800g).An hour later, i preshaped the still cold dough into a boule and a batard. An hour later, i shaped the doughs, and inverted them into floured bannetons.

I left the doughs to ferment for 3.5 hours. I preheated the oven with a stone and a pan filled with lava rocks to 470F for 30 minutes, and then inverted the doughs onto a peal and transfered the doughs to be baked for 15 minutes with steam, and 20 minutes without.

The flavor was mildly tangy, and spelt flavor was quite discernable. I liked it, though i would prefer a more hydrated dough (70%).




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The scoring on the boule is very nice, very asymetric. You sure have an artist in you, Khalid.

I never made spelt bread before, only had them from an artisan baker near my house, The Knead Baker. From what I remember, the spelt bread is very very dense, but your spelt loaves looks fantastic with such an open crumb. Is it because your starter are so active from being fed three times prior to the bake? I only feed my starter once before making the levain. Maybe I should revisit my SD starter feeding schedule.




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Beautiful loaves khalid! The crumb structure is perfectly developed.


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Thank you, Sue! I love art in most of its forms! and baking is no exception..

And yes, starter was carefully looked after and fed in big ratios. The levain was stiff and contained spelt and A/P. Knowing you starter ripening times and maintaining it healthy with ample feeding will make it a vigorous starter.

Thank you Eric! I appreciate compliments from you alot!


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Beautiful Loaves Khalid!

You've got an excellent pattern from the brotform to go with your perfect scoring. The crumb and crust are exceptional as well! The care you took with these beauties from start to finish is evident, and typical of your skills as an artisan baker.


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Why Thank you Franko!! Iam flattered! It takes several trials to get sourdough scheduling right, especially for a home baker.

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Thank you, Daisy!

I learned that starting with low propotions/liquidy starter, and then increasing feeding propotions/stiffer starter as you refresh gets the best result for me.


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Hello Khalid, Thanks for writing about your method (managing the starter) for your perfect spelt loaves.
What a wonderful result!  I have just bough my first bag of spelt flour and am looking forward to baking with it.
Thanks for your exceptional example of how great spelt bread can turn out!  Regards, breadsong


Mebake's picture

Thanks, Breadsong!!

Glad to share my ideas and methods with an aspired Home Baker, such as yourself.