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From the Sour North.

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Alpine Baker

From the Sour North.

Hello vast, untapped world of online bakers.

I'm a baker in whitehorse, trying to breathe my life into a vegan bakery, but also just seeking to make the best bread I can make (some pastry once in a while too).

Luckily, I enjoy the extensive use of a beautiful (albeit strange behaving) brick oven mixed with a conventional convection walk in. Sometimes I venture into the propane deck oven (dissapointingly uneven temperatures) but I figure that's just a bit silly with a far superior hearth right next to it.

My love lies in sourdough hearth loaves. Finding out how to make that baguette crumb fluffier, drier, but still hearty. Maybe the whole wheat with grain soaker should be a little more mellow, less honey (the one non-strictly-vegan ingredient I get to enjoy. Excitement!) or less starter? Should the retarder turn off 20 minutes before I arrive, or 2 hours? What happens if I soak the olives in water to extract the salt before adding them to the ciabatta? What happens if I just wring them out? How can you possibly make a light, delightfully rich Panettone without eggs? Why do people with wheat allergies and celiac's insist on frequenting a BAKERY?

Yeah, so as you might surmise, I have a lot on my mind regarding this world. I'm excited to share more with you all, and to devour the information flooding in at all moments of the day (mostly during the night for my lifestyle).

Happy Baking!


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Welcome Brian!

The Sourdough Rendezvous is held in White Horse, isn't it?  Any extra pressure being a sourdough baker among people nicknamed Sourdoughs?