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Recommendations needed for multi-use mixer

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Recommendations needed for multi-use mixer

I've been searching through the archives to help make a decision about getting a more robust mixer. I'm hoping someone might be able to share some insight. In addition to making bread, I make large batches of other heavy doughs (granola bars, cookie dough). From all that I've read here, it seems like either the Bosch Universal or Electrolux DLX would fit the bill. I'm leaning towards the Bosch, but would be very grateful to hear about others' experiences with non-bread dough.

Many thanks in advance!

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Kitchenaid! Hands down!

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I've never tried the Bosch, but my DLX is great, especially for large batches.

The only real downside I can think of is that for creaming butter, the butter needs to be quite soft, much softer than a kitchenaid needed (My former mixer was a KA).

Not many I know of have used both Bosch and DLX, and of those most are dealers. Mike Avery who posts here regularly is one of the few who isn't a dealer who I know has experience with both mixers and he doesn't speak highly of the Bosch, at least for bread doughs.

I can tell you that when I was looking to replace my KA (because I had taken up bread baking and it just wasn't up to the task) I was considering the same mixers you are now. I ended up choosing the DLX, partly just because it was the one I was leaning toward all along - there was just something about it that appealed to me - and partly because as far as I was able to tell in my research, they were both good for large batches, but the DLX seemed to be better able to handle batches as small as a single loaf. In the end, that factor doesn't seem to really matter as I usually just do single loaves by hand these days.

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Been using a KA classic for a few years, which works great for what is is, but 3 lbs of basic white bread dough is about all I can get out of it at a time. I want to upgrade to something that can do at least 6-8 lb batches, and I've heard bad things about the expensive KA's as it pertains to bread dough kneading performance. I'm only concerned with how it performs as a dough kneader, the KA is still sufficient for all other tasks for me. Leaning towards the DLX for the same reasons as what Russ mentioned, my impression is that it performs well for a wide range of batch sizes.

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FWIW, I've been running my Pro 6 for three years, and have never run into any of the problems that people talk about.

Most of those problems, I understand, apply to earlier machine, which had plastic gears and similar shortcuts. Mine has metal gears, an automatic declutching device (which has never activitated, even with multiply whole-grain doughs) and a circuit breaker, which has never opened.

Another source of problems has been pushing smaller units, like the Artisan, too hard. They are not designed to be fed a steady diet of bread dough, and can overheat and even burn out if you do so. But all that is spelled out in the manual, so it's certainly not KA's fault.

I went with the Pro 6 because I have a personal antipathy to tilt-head mixers, and wanted the bowl lift instead.

I'm obviously very happy with it, and, if I needed a second stand mixer, wouldn't hesitate to get another.