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Sunbeam Mixer

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Sunbeam Mixer   Does anyone know if a dough hook was made for this?

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It does not have enough power to do anything, you would burn out the motor quickly.

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If you could find them, they would be similar to the dough hooks used on the hand blender in the video on this thread:

Again, don't know how powerful or effective these things are.

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I used to have one - it had the spiral dough 'hooks'.  The dough attachments never did do much, but they were functional with batters and such.   They are incapable of actually kneading the dough.  I finally realized I needed a real mixer and ended up with a Kitchen Aid.  My Sunbeam never burned up, but then it never really was usable for bread doughs.   It did make a wonderful yard sale find for someone, though.   I am new to this site, but have found the videos which demonstrate hand mixing and kneading, and I believe that I want to head in that direction now - the KA is very good for everyday whole grain loaves, but I'm wanting to take the next step now.  I would highly suggest that you not waste your time with the Sunbeam, and either invest in a KA or similar, or take a look at mixing and kneading by hand.

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I was asking for a friend. I have a brand new Universal Plus Bosch Mixer.

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I have a Sunbeam for mixing cake batters and the like. It came with a dough hook, a spirally thing, but if I recall correctly, the instructions warn about bread doughs. The mixer is not powerful enough for the final stages of mixing and kneading. If it starts "walking" across the counter, it is time to stop.

The good news is that it can handle the initial stages of mixing the dough. Don't use all of the flour called for in the recipe. Once it is mixed well, add the additional flour and mix with a wooden spoon. Then knead by hand to incorporate more flour. By using their bowl for the mixing, the only additional things to wash would be the beaters.