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Starter made with Rare white assai & cupuacu's picture

Starter made with Rare white assai & cupuacu

Hello everyone

I am a baker and move to brazil since our economic downturn, with no work in the USA I try over seas.

Working with a prominent chef  I became the main baker at the Marcel Restaurant, Chef Raphael introduce me to a variety of exotic fruits from Amazon, fruits witha diversity of taste, that I my self have never tsated in my life.

In one of his trips to northen Brazil he took me to Belem do Para, where I was part of an event for new chefs, using only products naturally found in Brazil. I was introduce to the white Assai, the common Assai is purple in color, white is a very rare one, and Cupuacu has a white color very sweet as well as the white Assai.

I have brought with me this two fruit pulp, I have started a liquid levain in which have gave breads with such an exotic taste and aroma, crispness, I have made two different ones with whole wheat and all purpose flour.

I can tell you how taste full are these breads.

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Is assai berry the same fruit we call Acai (with a cedula under the c) invested with magical properities of healing?'s picture


It is just easier to say assai in English the correct way is Açaí, its is not a berry, it actually grows in a fruit from the family of palm tree in which is very common  in the states of Para, Amapá, Maranhão e Tocantins, northern Amazon.

I have had the opportunity to be there for a gastronomic event, using only regional, commodities, in which I have learned about  a flour made by the native indians called Caruma.

I hope I will be able to bring this kind o f levain back to the USA when I move back.

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&  yet again. Can you get cranberries in Brazil?'s picture


You can only get cranberries in Argentina due to the clime, its more favorable there, for the five years I am living here I haven't seen any swamp area with a temperature of 59°F  temperatures here are usually winter, 68°F to 86°F.

I found blue berries, in which they have imported the seeds from the US.'s picture

Also they don't have marsh here, as I understand they don't have abundant fresh water  as well the soil like  the marsh do, the other place I think it can or all ready grows it is Chile. Nice place to visit.'s picture

Also Açai does not have healing properies but it is a very good energetic, and anti oxidant.

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Glad you clarified that... as a Brazilian who grew up watching my Dad (who was born in Belem, Para') drinking gallons of acai,  I get a little irritated when I see its nutritional properties exhagerated


it is healthy, it is good, it has anti-oxidants.  There's nothing magical about it.   ;-)