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hello from ontario

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hello from ontario


im from ontario canada

and i found this site by accident and so far im loving it

hope to learn great things from everyone ..i love to bake but im the kind of baker who doesn ;t measure anything and somehow it just turns out

i think that maybe if i take the time to learn from everyone i'll be able to bake really good bread

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I'm from Ontario (northern) too!

I think you'll learn a lot here - I sure have.


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I am also from Ontario! What part of Ontario are you from? I am originally from North Bay but recently moved to Barrie.

You will find enless tips and information on this site, and you will be baking like a pro in no time! Also, be sure to share your results with us.

Enjoy the site!


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And greetings from Ottawa.

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hello nice to see others from ontario here

im from niagara region ,

thank u all for the warm welcome :)

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I'm from Ontario as well: north and east of Toronto about 70kms, just south of Port Perry.  You'll find lots of good people and even better information here.