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I am fairly new to bread baking.  I have decided to tackle a Panettone for the upcoming holiday season.  I have tried a few recipes.  The most recent being Jim Lahey's The Best Panettone Ever from the December 2008 Gourmet magazine.  

The flavor of the Panettone was excellent but the crumb was not as light as I would have liked.  It did not have the pull/shred that I want. Has anyone tried this recipe and had similar results?Any advice on how to correct this problem?


- Liza


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This is my favorite recipie and mine comes out excellent.  What kind of flour and butter are you using?

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I am using unsalted butter (store brand) and King Arthur Bread flour.

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and is supposed to be dunked into coffee...which means that the texture in "authentic" recipes may not be what we expect.


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I made Jim Laheys best panettone this past weekend, and again on Monday night.  Fabulous!!!!  Mine turned out tender, pull-apart and flaky-like, moist and sooooo tasty.  It also had a beautiful smell to it.  I soaked died cranberries and apricots in the rum, added the vanilla bean and some orange zest for at least 8 hours.  It gave the panettone a beautiful fruity color and smell.  My colleagues couldn<t believe how good it was and how I was able to make something that is thought to be so difficult to make.  Thanks for starting this thread and introducing me to this panettone.