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Country Music, Sourdough Baguettes and Lahmajouns

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Country Music, Sourdough Baguettes and Lahmajouns

Much excitement.  Kind of a busy weekend.  But late last night after getting home from a friend's birthday party, I mixed the levain for baguettes.  Today I tried to do a bit more baking than I should have.  I wanted to make Lahmajouns for lunch while the baguette dough fermented.  So I mixed the baguette dough first thing, with my first cof of cuppee.  It's a wonder I didn't put sugar and milk in the mixing bowl (I'm not much good first thing in the morning especially after a late night).

Once the baguette dough was mixed--using a variation on proth5's 65% hydration formula, which my spouse adores--I started the lahmajoun dough.  I followed the recipe that Xaipete had posted last year (, hoping it was something like the lahmajouns of my Fresno boyhood.  

What I hadn't really figured was that the various steps in the baguette process and the various steps in the lahmajoun process would make the day just a tad impossible.  The lahmajouns are easy to make, but the topping takes some time, and they bake two at a time for 12 minutes each.  So the oven was tied up when it needed to be preheating for the baguette.  And I couldn't fit the baking stone, cast iron pan and sheet pan for lahmajouns in there all at once.  I was afraid the baguette dough would over-proof, but it all worked out.  I didn't really have a leisurely Sunday, though.

Here are the lahmajouns.  The dough was a bit too elastic, so I couldn't roll it out thin enough.  Besides being a bit too thick, they were excellent.  Thanks, Pamela.



The baguettes, as I said, were a slight variation from Pat's formula.  I used KAF European-Style Flour instead of AP.  They sprung up good, but no big ears.  Totally delicious, with thin crispy crust and moist crumb.  Thanks, Pat.



After dinner (Lahmajoun Encore], we went to hear Rosanne Cash, a great modern Country singer and her incredible band.  Rosanne Cash is the daughter of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash (of the Carter Family).  So, yes, she has a Mama June and we had a Lahmajoun.  It was meant to be.

All in all, a very exciting day.  Of course, Tasha slept through the whole thing.




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That almost had me spewing cuppee over my keyboard :).

Lovely baguettes. Love reading about your adventures!

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How rude!! [smileyface].

The party Saturday wasn't really a drunken brawl.  And The Spouse was the designated drinker, so I only had a couple glasses of wine.  Just enough to make it more of a challenge to do something involving a handful of brain cells (approximately 30 grams, moistened with just enough caffeine to make a shaggy mess) first thing the next morning.

Thanks for the comments on the bakes.  Not the prettiest things I ever made, but good to eat.


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Now that you are moving into the world of multi use of your oven you need 2. I have the Miele Double Ovens and love love them. I have used them for 4 1/2 yrs and they are really great. I got the floor sample about this time of year....end of season as it were. You can get great deals that way.


Beautiful bake. I have proth's formula...need to make it too...c

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Getting multiple bakes going...looks like all turned out well and loved the post :) and photos! 


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and welcome to the world of multiple bakes - what I have learned can be a case of misplaced mise en place.


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I'm finding I can get edible results even when I'm a bit frenzied.  But to get a beautiful bake (like my previous baguettes, but not these), it takes more attention to detail.  I will seek inner calm next time I bake baguettes.


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but as far as I know Rosanne Cash is Johnny Cash's daughter by his first wife, not June Carter, the only child they had was John Carter Cash as far as I know!

Rosanne Cash was singing before June and John got married.

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Thanks, Eva.