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Hobart Dough Hook. Where to buy?

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ruth hurst

Hobart Dough Hook. Where to buy?

I am REALLY hoping someone can send me in the right direction.

I was given a Hobart A 200T (20 QT?) mixer 7 years ago. It came with the paddle and whisk. (I call the whisk "the bird cage") What a fantastic gift! I have made tons of cookies with it, but sadly, that's all I've used it for. (We own a fishing lodge and I do the cooking & baking)

It didn't come with a bread hook and I didn't mind at all as I wasn't making large amounts of dough until this past season. 

Is there anyone on TFL or someone that knows someone that might know of a reputable online source for such an attachment? I done several searches, but without knowing the specific companies or sellers, I am a bit hesitant to get the credit card out.

I can't wait to start making more than a few loaves & rolls at a time! 

Note to self: search the forums for large batch formulas, YAY! And try again to wrap my feeble brain around the math involved. I have BBA and will re-read the information again to try to get a grip on it.

Thanks so much folks. I appreciate any help you may be able to send my way.

Take care,




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There are probably several good sources.  I once ordered a coffee maker from webstaurant with good results.  Never ordered bakery equipment from them but here is the hook and it looks like a very good price.


I am positive there are several good places to order this item.  Make sure what you order is a dough hook for A-200.  The newer Legacy series 20 qt takes a different hook.


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I purchased my Hobart N50 mixer from this site:

They also carry the agitators for the mixers.  I found them to be very helpful.

Hope this helps!  Genie

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ruth hurst

I love that you have both dealt with these companies. I have checked out both sites. Now I see a pastry cutter attachment for the Hobart... Oh boy, I could use one of those as well! I'll have to research to see how well that baby works.

I'm pretty fussy about my pastry... 

Thanks again.

I am ready to order! Mucho loaves, here I come!