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Hello from the Chesapeake Bay

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jim baugh

Hello from the Chesapeake Bay

Hi Folks!

Jim Baugh here from Jim Baugh Outdoors TV, man, we love this site!! Great info!

We have been doing cooking segments on our show for 22 years, and have gotten into the bread thing pretty heavy only for about a year now.

Mostly we do breads and Pizza dough. No cakes, sweets, nothing really in that area. I lost my sweet tooth years ago and try not to eat to much bread because of the carbs.

The recipes that we post we do our best to make healthy, little sugar (or none) and use whole wheat flours as well as high Gluten flour products. The combination works well. My Baguette's tast very decodent, but actually they are very healthy. I still try to watch how much bread I eat. However I think my girlfriend would leave me if I stopped making this bread.

I have a mentor, "Flip" a friend who has baked, and very good, for 40 years. I went to dinner at his house and he displayed two artisan breads he made for dinner, they were on wire racks, perfectly scored and tasted UNREAL!! I said that night, I would learn how to do this and always make fresh bread for my family and friends.

I bake now two sometimes three times per week. Mostly, because of company and I have a list of people \ friends who want my bread.

Have fun, and if you ever want to check out our other recipes, just log on to our web site and check out our Galley Blog. Lots of fun stuff there.

God Bless!

Jim Baugh