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dessert pizza

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dessert pizza

I am looking for anyone who has made more of a dessert pizza with their regular pizza crust....any great reipes????

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Many years ago, my wife and I were having a few friends over for dinner.  My wife decided to make lasagna with Ricotta and a sauce of caramelized onions.  We didn't have balsamic vinegar in the house so she used Marsala wine.  The lasagna was so sweet, we dubbed it "dessert lasagna".

It would be great on Pizza.  Just brown thinly sliced onions in olive oil for maybe 5-7 minutes, then add a few ounces of Marsala and simmer very low for 15 minutes.  Use a mild cheese like fresh Mozzarella, and top with the onions.  Should be great.



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I have never made one myself. But I had quite a few from restaurants.

The nice ones are banana with chocolate and poached pear with custard.

I believe you would prepare the pizza base as usual, bake at usual temperature and time. The differences are only the toppings, you can make any toppings to your heart desires. Personally, I think good dessert pizza toppings, or any pizza really,  need something moist (think mascarpone cheese, chocolate sauce, custard, for example), the texture (pizza base of course) and compatible taste combination.


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I don't have a recipe but I used to buy a dessert pizza from my local pizzahut years ago - back when I used to order in pizza...

I agree with Sue, make your regular base and top as desired.  Here is an excerpt from pizzahut menu-

"Our signature dessert pizza, topped with crunchy streusel and drizzled with icing, available with your choice of Apple, Blueberry or Cherry Fruit Topping."