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buying a 12 qt or bigger mixer

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buying a 12 qt or bigger mixer

My daughter will be graduating from pastry chef school, and would like a second mixer.  currently has a 6 qt Kitchen Aid, but would love a 12 quart or bigger.  seeing that they cost over $1000, what should we look for and/or avoid?

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Surprised you said 12 qt because most mixers (except Hobart and maybe a couple of others) come in 10 or 20 qt. If 10 qt is large enough there is a good list of them at the end of this thread.


I think a new 12 quart Hobart is probably $4,000 I think new...not sure.  Most 12 to 20 qts are going to weigh more as well.  200lbs or more probably.  I don't know what your daughter is going to use it for but if you go up to 20 quart size that is a lot of mixer.



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We have an old Hobart 20qt. Its a 200lb beast when its empty. I built a hefty stand for it out of 2x4s but I'll have to redo it with 4x4s since it twists when the mixer is kneading dough. Its very useful and handy, but becomes like a fixture in the kitchen since it takes 2 guys to move.

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I got this refurbished Hobart A200 for my wife as a step-up from her KitchenAid but it is much larger than she needs and it's hard to maneuver around in a crowded kitchen.  We mounted it on a professional stainless steel rack with wheels (you can buy them at Costco), which makes it manageable to move and it is fairly stable but it is a huge beast.  If you really need something this big and are willing to buy used, I'd be willing to sell for a fair price.  The machine is in perfect condition with the bowl, wire wisk, flat beater and dough hook.

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How much are you asking? 

I am new to this forum. I found it in my search for a new mixer that can do a better job than my KitchenAid. 



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I was going to list it on ebay with an opening price of $1200 including the cart/stand and accessories.  I'd take that price plus shipping for it.

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We ended up finding a mixer sooner than I had expected. We found a Globe Planetary mixer for $700 locally. Darn... I would rather have gotten the Hobart, but I can't complain. Good luck in selling yours. Thanks again for replying. 

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The Bosch Universal Plus can handle up to 15 lbs of dough. It is a wonderful machine and very powerful. More info is on my site and if you mention you are a fresh loaf member I will give you two free gifts with a purchase. Free shipping also.

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I have a 12 qt hobart in my kitchen on a rolling table ( bolted on ) I think it is the perfect size for home use. The food grinder rocks and the machine never makes noise above a humm. something that kitchenaid doesn't understand . I will downsize to a hobart n50 someday if we move to smaller digs. But it appears that the 20 qt is much more common which might make it a better buy. it looks like parts and extra bowls are alot more common for the 20--- gage 

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I recently purchased a used 12 qt. HOBART which is about the largest I think is feasable for home use. It weighs 160 lbs. and took 2 strong men to get it up 3 steps and place it on a custom stainless steel stand with locking wheels. It is bolted onto the stand but even before it was bolted, and mixing some 10 lbs.of bread dough, it did not move an inch. The bowl is very heavy and with dough that much heavier. I have a pastry certificate and intend to do small - large batch baking and think this size is more than enough for someone like your daughter, at least as a starter mixer. If she has a business, the 20 qt. mixers also can take a 12 qt. bowl. I bought mine from craigslist for less than $900. It wa usually used only a couple of times/week in a restaurant selling their own baked goods. I only share this to say with that amount of use and the machine siiting around for who knows how long, it works like a DREAM? I love it. So going used is a great way to go. P.S. I also have 6 and a 7 qt. Mixer and this is a great step up for me. Could not handle a larger mixer.