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Hello & Thanks

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Hello & Thanks

This is my first post on your site. I have been baking off and on for fourty years. Last year due to the economy, I found myself with more time than I had ever had. So, I decided to get serious about Bread baking. Thanks to your site I have been able to get serious and become successful. I have a couple of year old "pets" in the 'fridge' and my family seems to enjoy all my breads. Yesterday I got several proofs started and I have just finished two loaves of white bread, three loaves of Sourdough Ciabatta, three loaves of Sourdough Artisan, and a large loaf of wholewheat Sourdough. Thanks to sooo many of your contributors for an invaluable amount of info anf for sharing your knowledge. I am very greatful.

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Welcome!  And hello back!  Congratulations on your successes, especially the sourdough.  As you already know, there is a wide breadth of interest in all things bread, and beyond, here on The Fresh Loaf.  Thanks for joining in the fun.  We love pictures, so if possible/when possible, share some images of your results!

Glad to meet you

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That is one mighty bake! Very warm welcome to TFL. Glad you also found some good resources here.

Kind regards, Daisy_A