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Gluten amounts?

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Gluten amounts?

Are they different types of breads that are lower in gluten than others?  My husband is being testing for Celiac's disease and hates the gluten free breads.  I would like to learn more about making breads and what to purchase to minimize any damage he may be doing....  For example is potato bread better than italian or wheat?



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If he has celiac, even a little gluten can cause symptoms and repeated exposure will only worsen it over time. So mild reaction now plus repeated exposure means worse symptoms/damage later.

He will need to change his eating but the good news is, he will feel so much better that while it will be an ongoing annoyance he will want to do it.

There are several other posts in this forum with links to some great sites on celiac. Take a look and have him take a look,too.  It is do-able! And there are so many products available now that a person with celiac can have a more "normal" life.