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Printing forum replies

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Printing forum replies

Hi and Help!!

I have been printing out recipes from this glorious site, and I have discovered that when I print out recipes that are in replies, there is no "Printer Friendly version" and it comes out with very small print.

I have been using a word processing program to paste the text, but it doesn't copy the images.

Is there a better way to print replies?

Thanks for reading!


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Browsers try to fit everything onto the page, by default. You can change that, though. In print preview, there is a drop-down scaling menu. Select a percentage value that looks good in the preview. In Internet Explorer, you need to click on the icon that enlarges the page to full width.  If the full page won't fit the paper, the right side will be cut off, so choose a percentage that leaves everything you want.  You can also select landscape printing to give you a wider page. Hope that helps.



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I use EVERNOTE's web clipper to 'clip' from web pages, much easier than cut and paste and you get the photos. Then you file using tags, it's great. I tend to highlight the general area I want (although you can clip the whole page)and if there is anything surplus to my needs, I just delete that once it is in the evernote notebook - in my case that's often the photos! You can set up different notebooks for different topics. All very easy. You can synch to iPhone etc, etc. (no affiliation, just a happy user!)

Oh and of course you can print.

Available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and for Mac OSX 10.5.8 onwards , there is a premium service but the freeware is enough for my needs.



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You can always use some intermediate word processing program to get a print of an "awkward" web page. Just highlight the section(s) you want then copy and paste into anything from Notepad to Word.

This has the advantage that you can massage the layout so that it prints the way you want (print preview) and you can save it for later use as a document. Obviously Notepad will only take the text in basic format whilst Word will take format, fonts and pictures into consideration.

Another technique is to open the page you want to print in a different browser. I use Firefox as my default, but I have noticed that it has a tenancy to truncate the right hand end of some lines of text unless I print in landscape - not a convenient layout IMHO. Internet Explorer seems to cope better.

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So it's not just me then not seeing a setting.

I had no luck through IE, it still scaled it down, and my printer doesn't offer any settings that change it. I tried rescaling the pages, but it won't cooperate - HP printer.

So I'll stick then with Notepad. MS Works often crashes when I import webpages, so I'll use Notepad and print any photos separately. I'd give a lot for a printer friendly link on every reply, though. :)

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I don't know if you have the capability of printing to a .pdf file or not.  I don't use Windows so it may not be part of that system.

I just printed another post about baguettes to a .pdf file and it produced a 26 page document containing all of the phots and the test of each reply.

So if you have that capability I'd give it a try.