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Just wondering if anyone out there can answer this

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Kitchen Witch

Just wondering if anyone out there can answer this

Ok I am looking at the book Flour Power: A Guide To Modern Home Grain Milling

| Trade Paperback
Marleeta F. Basey | Jermar Press | May 15, 2004

and am wondering if it is the same book as this one, or if you would recomend one over the other.

Flour Power: Your Guide to Whole Grain Milling

| Trade Paperback
Marty Basey | Avery Publishing Group | October 15, 1999

Any input is appericated, Thanks Confused.

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Hi Kitchenwitch.  Flour Power, A guide to modern home grain milling is the only book by this author actually published on the subject of home grain milling.  Extensive information is available on Amazon or at  The other title you referenced in your blog entry was scheduled to be published by Avery Publishing, and thus advance information was put out, but it was not picked up by Penguin when they bought Avery because it couldn't sell a gezillion copies within six weeks.