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Using MS Excel to calculate bread formulas ? Please help !

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David Aplin

Using MS Excel to calculate bread formulas ? Please help !

Hi, I'm attempting to use MS Excel to calculate bread formulas. Specifically, I wish enter ingredient percentages and conversion factors and be able (with the press of a key) to re-size the batch size. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks, David Aplin 

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Let's see if this works.... Here's what mine looks like:

I picked a simple straight dough as it's a little easier than one wth a preferment...


The formula I use is

Individual ingredient weight = (Baker's % / total %) * Total Batch Weight

In this case the excel formula for, say, salt, is:


(2% / 193.5%) * 234 ounces = .70 ounces


It doesn't matter what your weight units are, I have columns that convert to ounces and grams just for convenience. So I just plug in the batch amount into the lefthand yellow box, and it calculates all the rest of the ingredients. The little table below I used at a bakery when I needed to figure out how much dough to make for misc. rolls and loaves that people ordered.


Okay that's enough to get started I think--am I a bread nerd or what?  :) 

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If I were fluent in spreadsheedese, I'd make a better one of these, but this might suit your needs.

There's also a video tutorial on the link page (above.)