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Slashes close up, help!

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Slashes close up, help!

Does anyone have the problem of slashes on the loaf closing?? Mine open quite nicely then close up after about 10 mins into the bake. I don’t think it’s a matter of my cuts being too shallow. 

And what is the normal sequence? Oven spring preceding/ followed by/ accompanied with the opening?

I have a over-proofing problem but I wonder if too much steam or too little has something to do with it as well. Help!

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If you are slashing an over-proofed loaf, it can cause it to deflat..I think that might be what's happening.


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plus, you might want to consider the possiblity of insufficient steam (especially if you have a gas oven), and, since you mention that your cuts aren't too shallow, that could be a culprit as well: cuts that are too deep can sometimes leave too much surface exposed which can form a skin and subsequently close up.

Unless you're baking a definitely underproofed dough, I'd stick with shallow cuts.

Just a couple extra factors to consider.


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will carry out an experiment if i can this weekend, thanks for the suggestions!