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Bread machine with SS pan?

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Bread machine with SS pan?

OK. I understand that this is a weird question. But, here goes:


I bought a Zorushi yesterday, only to realize that it's pan is apparently teflon-coated I can't use this as I have a parrot, and cooking/baking on teflon is potentially fatal to a bird. So! Do you know if any manufacturer makes a bread machine with a stainless steel bread pan?

Thanks in advance for your knowledge!

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PTFB's are toxic to birds if they are overheated.  It should be OK at bread baking temperatures--about 350 degrees or so.  And, because of the computer control, you are unlikely to overheat or burn with the ABM unless it's malfunctioning. 

I would open a window and not have the bird in the same room as the bread machine when its in use, but I think it will be OK (though I can certainly understand why you might not want to take the risk).  I used a bread machine many years and my cockatiel was fine. 

I don't know for sure, but I don't think any ABM manufacturer makes a pan without a PTFB coating. 


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Thank you so much for your advice and experience!

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