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What are we baking this weekend.

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What are we baking this weekend.

I got the "Dough" Book, by Bertinet, out. I was thinking of the Pain De Compange. I Love Rye bread and its an over night poolish. My first loaf last weekend was a white poolish and came out OK (Dense with no crumb but taste. Are people experimenting or are we making out stand by's.


PS Im experimenting with my SD starter and feeding it different amounts to see what I should use.

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Postal Grunt

I baked two loaves today under the rationalization that I have to learn how to bake in my new stove. It's just a basic gas range and my first sourdough loaves turned out with a pale crust but a nice, tender crumb. It's a work in progress.

I did my farmhouse loaf that's close to a pain de Campagne using Montana Wheat's Prairie Gold in both the two stage starter and main dough. The crust is getting closer to what I want in color  and judging by the oven spring, should have a satisfactory crumb.

I also did a yeasted bubble loaf with a similar grain bill as my farmhouse loaf for a friend of mine. Rob returned the favor by introducing me as the first place winner in sourdoughs at the county fair to some folks who had also attended a high school drama club play that his daughter appeared in. No matter how humble the prize, I appreciated the recognition.


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in Melbourne, Australia this week I made 3 big loaves of Jeffrey Hamelman's sourdough seed bread, another one of my favorite with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds. One loaf has already gone in less than 6 hours.

It's also my boyfriend's birthday this weekend so we have people over. I'm thinking to make lemon tart (Michel Roux's) for dessert tomorrow lunch and maybe some bacon twist brioche (again, Michel Roux's) for the breakfast.

It looks like it gonna a busy long weekend with lots of baking for me...but the weather is perfect for it. It's been raining for the whole day and it will continue for the next day or so. Perfect for me to spend more time indoor and do more bakings.


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I'm afraid it is not an ideal day to do this-already had a few interruptions but the bread is currently in the ovn and smells wonderful. This loaf has all rolled grains (about 7, I think) and home ground white and red whole wheat and rye.It is a sourdough variation (has a little instant yeast) and sat overnight in the refrigerator to rise.Even the dough smelled good.