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Cake yeast in South Florida

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Cake yeast in South Florida

Hi:  I'm down here in Fort Lauderdale and I can't find cake (fresh) yeast anywhere.  Does anyone know where I can buy some in this area?  My bread just isn't the same.  Also - if anyone knows where I might buy Irish wholemeal flour down here - I'll be your best friend forever.  Thanks.

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can't help with fresh yeast, but try search box for "SAF".  their instant yeast is far superior to any yeast I have used and others seem to feel the same way.  I buy a 1 pound bag at my Whole Foods store for $4 or so.  I'm willing to bet that once you try their yeast, you will be a life long fan...

Good luck!

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Thank you - I'll give it a try.

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This is the only place I have been able to find a reliable source of fresh yeast.


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Thank you Pam.  I asked my mother to bring some fresh yeast with her when she comes from New York for Thanksgiving.



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Jack from Fort ...

Doris' will order Wet/Baker's yeast for next day availability if you call first.  That have 5 locations in South Florida including Pembroke Pines, Lauderhill, Plantation and Hollywood.

Just confirmed that this morning.

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restaurant depot carries fresh yeast. Stay away from Doris's. They only sell junk baked goods.