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Bosch Universal Plus or Compact?

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Bosch Universal Plus or Compact?

Hello folks,


I hope you can help out a newbie here.

We have a bread machine, which we only use for making bread dough which we second-rise and bake outside the machine.  Lots of people do that I think.  Anyway, we are dumping the breadmaker as it is on its last legs.  We are going to get either the Bosch Universal Plus or the Compact Bosch.  (Glad to see Bosch brought back the Compact) :)

We are not concerned about cost so much as counter space and capacity.  Our "normal" rounds have about 700g of flour and a bit over 300 grams of water... so about 1kg of "stufff" per loaf.  We usually only make one at a time, but frequently (several times a month) need to make four at a time for the kids and grandkids.

It looks like the Compact MIGHT handle three of these.  Perhaps not?  May have to make two batches, eh?  The Universal Plus looks like it could handle MUCH more... but I have been reading that the Universal Plus doesn't like to make little batches.  Is my 1kg loaf a "little" dough batch that the Universal Plus would not like?

Can the Compact handle at least three of those loaves with no strain?  Can the Universal Plus be used by my wife as an all-round mixer (batter, whipping, merangue, etc.?)

Any Bosch owners that could help us out here?  As I said, it is not the cost so much as we want to avoid buying something that takes up more room than necessary.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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but it's true it's not great with a one loaf batch.  However, it's fantastic for two and over.  Maybe you could make one and freeze one? 

Your wife would love using it for all else.  Even though it doesn't like small dough batches it will whip a single egg white into meringue and a tiny amount of cream into the best whipped cream ever.  Be sure to get the cookie paddles to handle all the rest of your baking needs like cake, cookies and such.

Only thing I haven't tried yet is whipping potatoes.  Plan on that when my KA dies.

Am not familiar with the Compact model but do recommend the Universal.

Good luck, happy baking!  Sue

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Thank you Sue... what size do you consider a "one loaf" batch?  I know it varies which is why I listed the weight.  Is my usual 1kg loaf considered a "small' batch?


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I am delighted with this little machine.

I mix just over 6# of dough in it every weekend and it barely gets warm. The bowl is FULL with this amount, tho, so you certainly couldn't do more than 3 batches.

It takes up very little counter space, but it's so light it would be no problem moving it to and from storage. Highly recommended.


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While I've never mixed six pounds of dough in my baby Bosh, I have used it for small amounts (500 grams) and it does the job quite well.  It easily handles two pounds of high gluten flour at 58% hydration.

The footprint is about 8" x 8" and I can lift it easily with one hand.  In fact, I just scaled my baby Bosh.   :-)  

It weighs six pounds.

More tech specs:

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what all can you do with the compact Bosch? Do you have to 'help' knead the dough?

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I've tried a single boule weighing about 625 g and found I had to help the machine a bunch.  The dough would just gather on the center post and didn't mix well without a lot of scraping down from me.  Your batch at 1000 might be okay but I'm really not sure.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks Sue (and everyone).

Since our smallest batch is still over 1kg (2.2 pounds), I think the Universal will handle it OK.  Especially since Eric at Breadtopia put me onto the "small batch" center fitting which is only 6 bucks and cheap insurance.

I don't think the Compact would handle 3 batches, although 2 would certainly appear to be no problem. 

They both appear to be great machines and both have a very good reputation.  I think we will go with the Universal Plus and see what happens.

Thanks again all,


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I love my Bosche Universal 


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Just wanted to post a follow-up as so many threads here are missing that :(.

We have been using the Universal Plus for a short time now and find it to be like almost all machines, it has plusses and minuses.

On the plus side:

1. It appears to be sturdily made which is further reinforced by tons of other posters here so I wou't dwell on that.

2.  It does, indeed, handle our "small" loaf which contains 700g of flour and 320g of water just fine.  We bought the "small batch" spindle attachment here:

The attachment works, but is not needed with our loaf above.  We also bought the little mixture guard here:

I have no idea why Bosch does not include that little gizmo with the mixer, but it works perfectly.  VERY highly recommended.


On the minus side:

1.  The dough hook is not dishwater safe.  Huh?  It is all metal.  Why is that? 

2.  The dough hook is a pressed-together unit that has little crevases in the head where the arms join that fill up with dough and are picky to clean.

3.  The bowl and splash guard have square edges on the inside latch fittings that also gather and pack up little doughballs.  Had they only cast the plastic latch fittings with a slight ramp opposing the direction of hook rotation, this would not occur.

4.  Even with larger dough batches, the design of the dough hook makes the dough climb the center post.  Not sure what anyone can do about that, but there you are.


All things considered though, we like the machine.  We have only used it for bread dough so far so will withhold any remarks about other uses until such time as we check them out.

Thanks for the comments and assistance above.


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I wasn't sure what to do on this either, but went with the universa plus and do four loaves. It freezes and refrigeates well, Besides friends always want one or give it as a gift. I am not sure how this can handle 8 loaves but I am going to ask, I think 6 is pushing it in the size bowl. But I am glad I got the larger one, it has more power and doesn't take up much room.

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See the small batch attachment.

I just ordered the mixer and I know I'll need this, so I'm ordering one of these, too.

I spoke with the dealer.  The cautioned to ONLY use this attachment with small batches.  Larger batches will damage it by stripping the teeth that engage the gear.