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What I Did with My Walnut Bread

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louie brown

What I Did with My Walnut Bread

I thought I had put this up, but I must have only previewed the entry. 


A few weeks ago, I made Nancy Silverton's walnut bread, a consistent favorite with everyone who tries it. It is especially good with cheese. This time, I was inspired by a dessert we had at a new restaurant in New York called Maialino. The walnut bread supported some excellent marscapone and ripe California figs. The combination of tastes and textures in a single bite is positively decadent. 




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Very creative, and a most attractive presentation!

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Mini Oven

My favorite bread.   You did a beautiful job of it.

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louie brown

I think this is a case where a motivated home baker can improve on a restaurant dish. Silverton's formula really is a good one and is worth the time and attention it requires. I don't think I've ever had a walnut bread in a restaurant that has approached it, and that includes the French Laundry.


But the bread doesn't absolutely demand a great cheese or a fancy treatment. We threw the rest of it into a plastic bag and took it on a trip. We ate a slice at a time out of the bag over the course of a week and it was still delicious.

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I am on my way to the kitchen!!  I have some marscapone in the reefer that needs attention...this is a wonderful idea.  I'm on it.  Thanks for the great idea.