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Hello from San Diego, CA

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Hello from San Diego, CA

Hello from san diego california.... I am all new to this site but i am really liking it so far... I am a bit confused on how to actually navigate thru the site though... But I look forward to baking up some amazing breads..

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to TFL!  It won't take you long to learn to navigate around.  Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your bread baking.

Sylvia in San Diego

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where there are bakeries that offer breads with real crust... I really enjoyed my stay there two years ago, San Diego is my favorite place on the West Coast.

Welcome to TFL from Maine,


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Some of my favorite memories are basking in the sun at the beach as a kid. Riding the bus all over and going to school in the open environment. My favorite place to eat was in Pacific beach right on the water by the wharf. Peach FLIPS!

Peach Malt with real protein scoop and a raw egg!  Couldn't serve that today with all the regulations, huh?

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gene wild

I am another San Diego bread baker. Have only been baking about 7 months and have a ton to learn. This is a great sight and has helped me a lot.

Hmmm---Pacific Beach by the pier---today you can get a huge breakfast at one of the Icons of the area or any "adult" beverage you might want.  I live closer to OB but run the MB_PB boardwalk often.