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Whole Wheat Flour in India

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Whole Wheat Flour in India


I am fairly new to baking bread and stumbled across this forum on the internet. I have tried making whole wheat bread with the regular 'atta' flour available here in India. The result was fine, but not very good. After going through a couple of posts, I realised that it could be because of the 'atta' flour I was using.

Can anybody tell me what brand of whole wheat flour (specifically for bread) are available in India? I stay in Bangalore..have tried searching for something in stores near me, but have not been successful.

I prefer not to use all purpose flour, as my husband and me both do not stomach it too well.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Can't help with the flour, but re the stomach issues, many (myself included) have stomach issues with bread made using commercial yeast.  Since switching to a natural poolish/sour dough type starter with longer fermentation and rising times, this problem goes away.  While the breads take longer to make, they are more complex in flavor and much more easily digestable.   You can use the search box on this site to find out more about "sour dough" and "starter"...  Good luck!!

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Thanks Nick. I will definitly do some more research into sour dough/starters...appreciate you dropping in!


Tom: Thanks so much for your helpful links.

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I have been experimenting with Atta for a while with good results most of the time. Some brands did not work as well but  my recent trials with Swarna Chakki Atta worked well. I have to say upfront that I am not endorsing the brand in any way as this particular brand happened to be on sale in an Indian grocery store near my workplace and it was going for US$0.77 a kilo.

As with any wholewheat flour, it is better to subject it to a prolonged soak for reasons which have already been discussed in depth in this site. The following site has some information on this as well.

Results of my Atta and Maida test in my post