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hello there from north texas

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hello there from north texas

Hello and greetings from north of the dallas megaplex. Wonderful site this is, read read read some more and I have yet to put a dent in the content. Great stuff. The wife and I bake about once a week on average drawing on a wide variety of goods to make.

I found this website's presence on Facebook and "liked" the page but it seems to get zero traffic. Would love to see more activity.  I have a food related facebook page as well but deals primarily with BBQ and meat cooking. Nothing fancy just something to tinker with.

I have a link on there as well to the fresh loaf's facebook page. Dont forget to "like" the page if you dig it and no, I have zero pecuniary interest in that page at all. Just a fun thing.

Happy baking,


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The action is over here on the forums where all our members already have dialogs going, not on Facebook - there's a TFL presence there but we dont really know what to put there as the conversations are all going on here on the actual site.