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Quick fix replacement for a baking stone?

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Quick fix replacement for a baking stone?

Hello, all.


While having a random conversation with a friend English muffins were brought up and I got such a horrible craving I decided I needed to make some. I haven't made English muffins before, but I'm not one to shy away from something I haven't tried yet. I found a recipe that looked good, happily discovered I had all the ingredients only to be deflated when I realized that my baking stone is in storage in a different state. The recipe calls for a baking stone, warmed and slightly greased. And here's my question... I won't be able to go out and get a baking stone for quite awhile. But I'll still be craving some fresh out of the oven English muffins and now that I've got my brain wrapped around homemade ones I just don't think I could go for anything less. :) Is there a quick fix replacement for a baking stone? I was trying to find something and did a few google searches but without a whole lot of luck, though I did find a rustic baking site that suggested using two baking sheets instead. Any thoughts on this?


Thanks. :)

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You aren't going to be quite as much oven spring with them, but a couple of preheated baking sheets will work good enough for a temporary fix.

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I make mine on the stove in a skillet--usually two skillets at once, actually.  It works great!


Per BBA I sometimes toss them in the oven for a few minutes at the end just to be sure I get them fully baked, but the shape and brownness works great on the stove.


just an idea, hope it helps! 

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I second Breadnerd's thought about baking the muffins on the stove top.  In my case, I use a griddle instead of a skillet but the effect is the same.  Here's a link to an earlier post on the subject:


Now that you mention it, maybe it's time for another batch . . .



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Muffins aren't baked in the oven. They're done on a skillet. Incidentally 'bakestones' in the uk are Welsh 'scones' baked on a skillet. They're amazing and the reason I bought mine.
mac, in England

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I agree about muffins being baked on griddle (see my earlier posts) but what are welsh 'scones'??  I am half English (Forest of Dean) and half welsh and these are a new one on me - are they the same as welsh cakes?  never heard of bakestones sither but following thread thought it was a reference to the baking stone that is put in the oven to cook on??

Enlightenment always welcome :)  Helend, marooned in the Midlands 



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at least that is what I'm using in my oven, top and bottom racks, and they're working great. cheap too.

just please make sure they are unglazed as the glazes likely contain things you wouldn't want to eat.