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Bay Area, California

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Bay Area, California

So I just moved to Los Gatos, CA. I have a very nice kitchen and a dual oven. I am just starting to bake bread. I have recently started a KA Whole wheet Sourdough starter. Im on day 3 and it seems to be moving well. If any one is in the area I am having a hard time finding specialty flour. If any one has any suggestions please send me a message.

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Hello, located in South San Francisco and they have a great selection of flours.
Hope this helps. Regards, breadsong

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If you are going to do a lot of baking, I'd suggest you consider buying some flours in bulk because the cost is much, much less.  There are a lot of suppliers in the San Francisco area.

I live outside of LA and I buy 50-pound bags of various KA flours for about $20/bag or less.  That computes to under $0.40/pound.  It was helpful when I was starting out because I could afford to try a lot of different types of bread recipes and techniques to see what worked for me and it didn't cost much.  And, it allows me to give a lot of bread to my neighbors and friends with the loaves costing less than $1 to produce--Artisan loaves for less than $1...incredible!

I store the flours in 20-quart containers in my kitchen that I bought from a local restaurant supply store.  Not all of the 50# bag will fit in the containers so I keep the rest in beverage coolers in my garage.  Haven't had any problem with the storage so far and I have been doing this for three years.

Good luck!