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Where to find Rye Flower

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Where to find Rye Flower

I always thought I was in a pretty hip urban area with a plethora of grocery stores. I have been to a Lunardi's, Safeway and Whole foods in the bay area and I am unable to find Rye flower. Does any one have a good idea where to look if you are close to San Jose, CA or should start purchasing online?


I have another strange question: Should I store my flower in a air tight container? Do I need to be worried about bugs. My Mother in law in Scottsdale, AZ found bugs in her flower and now stores it in a zip lock in her fridge. I want to maintain the freshest flower should I invest in some airtight containers?

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Mini Oven

-couldn't resist-

If it's food, bugs are always trying to get at it.  I keep mine in a sealed container in a cool place.  Search under:  rye flour storage    in the upper left corner of the page.  :)

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I get my rye FLOUR from meijer :]

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I'm surprised that you can't find it in the bulk bins at Whole Foods, but if they don't have it there or pre-packaged in the baking aisle (Bob's Red Mill), I'd suggest taking a short road trip to Giusto's in South San Francisco. Check them out online and call them to say what you want and when you'd like to pick it up. They are very obliging.

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I have also been unable to find the packaged Bob's Red Mill organic whole rye flour; I've checked in Whole Foods, in various supermarkets in the Santa Rosa area, as well as our local health food store, where I've bought it in the past.  I wonder if it's not being produced.  There is organic rye flour in bulk in Whole Foods; however, I'm not sure it's the dark variety.

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I was just in a local Whole Foods this afternoon looking for rye flour and was told that they were out of the flour, rye berries, etc.  The Manger's comment was "there's something strange going on."  Maybe there was a world wide crop failure or something???

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Danai Wangsiri

From my experience with local flour (rye is imported any way), the flour bug can enter the bag after opening . In my case I put the bag in the fridge, then it is too cold for  hatching.  By the way, I like Mini Oven 's humour.


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Mini Oven

the world production for rye so far this year was down.   I hate to see healthy food decline.

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Frequent Flyer

...but I was surprised to see it in the organic foods section of Publix and not with the other flours.  The price was quite high as well.


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First, you try AP flour, and you like it.  Then you want the good stuff.  Soon it becomes hard to find and really expensive.  And you're hooked!

Another one bites the dust.



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I got mine from this website Purchase Rye Flowers, try your local florist or any other online flowers retailer you should find some...

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Hmmmmmmmm   Looks like I am not the only one looking for Rye Baking Flour.

Non of the local Super markets seem to carry it any more. Albertsons/Safeway/Frys and even the bulk Stores only have from Bobs Red Mill and that is pricy for a loaf  of bread.

   Good Luck 

   Mr. Bob




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I picked up 50 pounds with a buddy from Petaluma. It was 23$ for organic Rye. The characteristics are different then the Red Mill Grain I was using it before but Im more comfortable messing up a loaf at less then 1$ a pound.

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I get my rye flour from a bakery. They make excellent rye bread and were happy to let me buy 10-20 Kgs.

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I've gotten rye flour online from Barry Farms in Ohio, MySpiceSage in the Bronx, and most recently New York Bakers in San Diego.  We have many different grocery chains here but none seem to have rye flour and my attempts to get the local Bob's Red Mill rep to deliver some to the Piggly Wiggly came to nothing.  I even spoke to the rep directly and the Pig was willing.

My current LOVE is Bay State Wingold Dark Rye from Stan Ginsberg's New York Bakers site.  The first loaf I made with it caused my hubby to bow before me as before a potentate.  Literally.  My neighbor from New Jersey, upon being given some bread, said he will throw in money for me to order more of that flour.

MySpiceSage has coarse rye flour they call "pumpernickel flour" that makes for a nice chewy loaf.  Watch for their freebies.  This week it's 4 oz. of Cayenne pepper.  My last order brought me 8 free vanilla beans and the time before that was free saffron.

If your Barry Farms order seems to be delayed, call them.  They may be holding it for one item.  They are not as ept as some of the others when it comes to online customer service but their products are good.