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KAF Traveling Demo sites for Oregon and Washington

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KAF Traveling Demo sites for Oregon and Washington

See the link below for free 2 hour demo's in Oregon and Washington.

This looks like it could be interesting and fun!




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Yeah, I saw that in the paper this weekend and was considering whether to try to go.  It could be fun.

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KAF just came to our school for a "life skills baking program"  Conducted an assembly with science, art and math integrated.....showed kids how to make bread and then sent everyone home with the ingredients to make two loaves.  One is for the family and one to bring back to school for distribution to either elderly in town, a food shelter and a soup kitchen.  What a great intro to baking bread.  The kids loved it, and what a way to develop service learning.  You rock, KAF.

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gene wild

I went to one of these about a year ago---when I had just stated baking bread. It was well worth the time for a begginer. I think a more experienced baker would also learn something from it.


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I was wondering if it would be worth my time to go.

I'm a beginning baker and have been lurking here (TFL) for some time. I figured that with all the mentions of KAF that if the opportunity presented itself, I would welcome it with open arms. I just wanted to know if anyone else had attended a free KAF Demo before and what they thought.



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