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Hello from Denmark

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Hello from Denmark

Hi all,

I'm so happy that I have found this place! :)

As you might now, Denmark are one of the oldest farmer countries, but just like in the states the quality of the general available bread are of a dwindling quality.

I have been a food/bread-making-geek for quite some time, but when I'm could get all energized about the great texture of great bread, I felt quite alone...

Now I'm SO happy that I have found this site!  Here is both people more geeky than me, or more experience where I can learn something.

Im very happy to be here! :)

Kind regards


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Welcome to the board!

Where in Denmark are you from, and what breads do you bake?

I hope you've got a nice Danish rye bread recipe you'd like to share :)

Hilsen Hans Joakim (fra Trondheim, Norge).

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Hi Hans and thanks.

Im from sealand, north of Copenhagen.

I merely go for the partly white bread, Italien, French and Danish, with lots of big bubbles :)

My weak point have always been to have a healthy SD, but I think that it will help now I'm reading here.

When I have perfected my Dark Danish Rye (based on a recipe I got from a Michelin chef), I will naturally post it here.


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The one glorious thing I remember from my holidays in Denmark are the Tebirkes - I was so happy when I finally found a recipe in the internet, and could revive my childhood memories.

Other distinctive Danish breads I remember are the PG-18 rated "sexy" bread people from a bakery in Ebeltoft...


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Hi Karin, thanks.

It's a sweet story - hope yours are good! :)

Let me then elaborate on the complex culture of 'tebirkes' ("tea-poppys") :)

Besides being very popular in the early morning after a drinking trip to the town, it's a very delicate bakery item.

In sealand, east denmark - a 'Tebirkes' is the sweet version with a small amout of sugar, butter and marcipan between the layers, but arely you can also find a 'Smørbirkes' ("butter-poppy") that is the less sweet but more buttery version.

In jutland, west denmark - a 'Tebirkes' is the non-sweet version, close to the 'Smørbirkes' but less buttery - on the other hand you will also have a 'Københavner' ("Copenhagen'er") that are super-sweet and dense, even more than the 'Tebirkes' from sealand.

Confused? It' would be natural :)


I have never seen the sexy bread from Ebeltoft,. but will look after it some day.


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René, Welcome.   Pam