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Bosch use for dough

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Bosch use for dough

Those of you that have a Bosch.  I have a Concept 7.

When you make multi grain or ww bread, how long and at what speed do you knead the first time?

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Hi, metropical.

The Bosch ads talk about 2 minutes to mix dough, but I've found that is nonsense. Mixing times will depend on so many variables - the type of dough, the volume of dough, etc. But the real answer is, "until you have achieved the degree of gluten development desired."

That said, as a ballpark estimate, when mixing 3.5 to 4.0 lbs of lean, 68% hydration sourdough dough, after a 20-60 minute autolyse, I find 7-10 minutes at second speed gives me moderate gluten development, as assessed with the window pane test.

Hope this helps.



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They should include that as a magnet sticker in every bread baking book!


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I knead mine for 10 minutes.

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I usually incorporate my ingredients on speed 1 and then switch to speed 2. (old Universal).  I mix for about 7 or 8 mins and then check the dough with my finger for texture as well as just looking at it.