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Norwich sourdough from wild yeast

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Norwich sourdough from wild yeast

Made this formula last night and it came out awsome, though it was better this morning. I followed the recipe very closely, I even use the dough temp calculator. The starter was refreshed 2 hrs before adding it to the other ingredients. I will make this bread throughout the week giving the starter an additional hour to mature each time. My only problem is my mixer, an old Kitchenaid. The design is such that the dough just wraps up in the hook and doesn't really knead. I need a new home mixe. any suggestions. I'm thinking of Viking or Bosche. I know most around here like to do it by hand, but I need to get used to the machines.

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I'm so glad it came out well for you! And thank you for using the dough temp calculator; I wondered if anyone ever used it :-) (Although to be honest, I rarely us it myself any more, as the water that comes out of my tap is almost always just right.)

If your Kitchen Aid mixer has a C-shaped dough hook, you may be able to get a spiral one that should do a little better job. They are available at Amazon and other online sources. Just make sure it says it's compatible with your model.

Even so, the KA only does a fair job with dough. I've never used either the Viking or Bosch but several pro bakers I've seen do demos, including Ciril Hitz (, have used the Viking.


(Wild Yeast)

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I need to watch the temp as my water comes out of the faucet at 84 degrees..

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Hi Susan

I use the dough temp calculator and have recommended to several TFLers your water page plus calculator. Be assured it is being used! Here in NZ we get 4 seasons and don't centrally heat/cool our homes. Flour temps flucutuate and it's a constant juggle with the thermometer looking for the right 'warm' spot for dough to ferment/proof; getting warmer everyday right now, which helps a lot. Achieving DDT is a big help in terms of timing and I find your explanation/calculator so much easier to comprehend than that in "Bread". Thanks again.

And here is a link for those of you who aren't sure what we are talking about:

Cheers, Robyn