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can we make dough and bake grand dad

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can we make dough and bake grand dad

Me and My grand daughter EMILY aged 4  baking mini pizzas 2010

What fun we had and lunch to boot


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Mini Oven

Not the pizzas, the pizza maker! 

Thanks for making my day!

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HI Mini

Glad you enjoyed, i presume you are refering to the junior pizza maker, i have 2 grand daughters and they both enjoy baking with Grandad although their mum is a very good cook too and has them helping. Emily takes everything in and is very aware of where we get our food and loves to grow thigs too. She is a sponge for knowledge.

I really should tidy up before we start though as we dont have lots of bench space. I have a couple more pics that i will post later when i resize them later here.


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You are making such wonderful memories for you grand daughters. And, the pizza looks pretty good, too!  Pam

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Where is the "Like" button?

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that went into the pizza making with your adorable little grand daughter, these memories will never fade.