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Fry Bread Boycott; New Books Reviewed

Fry Bread Boycott; New Books Reviewed

As you'll recall, fry bread was recently named a state symbol of South Dakota in an attempt to "help bridge the cultural gap between American Indians and whites in South Dakota."

Well, Native American activists in the Southwest are annoyed by the association, saying that fry bread has replaced "firewater" in stereotypical portrayals of American Indians as "simple-minded people who salute the little grease bread and get misty-eyed about it." Who knew bread could be so controversial? Uh... let's save the discussion of the Eucharist for another day...

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I came across this review of an interesting looking new bread book. Anybody read it? Thoughts?

There is also a new pizza book I'd like to take a look at. So many books, so little time.