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Timing help needed

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Timing help needed

I should start by saying I love this site!  I'm quite new to bread baking but always have this website open to hand whenever I've got a loaf on the go!


I will be baking and selling bread at a local fete this coming Saturday.  Only problem is, I don't have a great deal of time between now and then so need to maximise the time I do have.


I plan on making Olive Focaccia, Spelt and a Milk Plait.  The basic plan is to make up the dough tomorrow evening (Thursday), leave it in the fridge over night, knead on Friday morning and back in the fridge until around 9pm when I will knead, shape, prove and bake.


Am I set for disaster leaving the dough to rise in the fridge twice for such long periods or will it be ok?  Will Ineed to reduce the amount of yeast I use?


Many thanks




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I'm sorry but I haven't tried anything close to what you are planning.  I have cold retarded shaped sourdough loaves with reasonable success but not tried anything similar with yeasted breads.  However, thinking about ferments such as a poolish or biga, a small amount of yeast goes a lot further than it does in a dough that is mixed, proofed and baked in 2 or 3 hours so it would seem reasonable that you should reduce the amount of yeast you should use - but I have no idea by how much.  Sorry I'm not able to give practical help, but good luck with your baking and please let us know how it works out.