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as rich as brioche?

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as rich as brioche?

i have currently started making the bread for my restaurant, and i have been making a brioche. but it is costly and time consuming.. i was looking to find a similar bread that still has the same richness and depth as brioche- but is well, less costly and time consuming!!

any ideas would be very welcome!



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Or even richer? Panettone milanese...but also in this case, costs are expensive....happy baking from Quito. Paolo

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Why not use a Challah dough or a Challah dough that has been "brioched" with additional oil?

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Here's a formula for a basic sweet bun dough. Play around with it to get what you want, or at least get close to what you want. I'd reccommend using margarine (hard not soft) in place of the shortening if you don't want the expense of butter. You might also want to increase the % of it as well. This is a rich, semi sweet dough, sort of a poorer cousin of brioche, but very versatile and useful. If you have any questions, ask away.