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Mild Sourdough Sandwich bread

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Mild Sourdough Sandwich bread

I am in search of a very good sandwich bread that is made using a sourdough starter.  I am looking for something that perferably has whole wheat in it (I grind my own wheat), and has the flavors found in european artisian breads.  With the sour flavor not coming through very much.  Any help would be great. 

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This loaf is 9 days long. Still soft and springy. It has mild sourness, but nothing dominating. It will be finished right after I post this ...

* 4 days old whole meal starter, 90% hydration: 300g

* strong flour (Victory by Goodman Fielder, AU/NZ only): 600g

* yoghurt: 375ml

* salt: 5ml or less

* diastatic wheat malt (freshly ground): 5ml

* vege oil (olive this time, soya will do): 40ml

Total: 1350g or so. Makes 2 loafs.

Mix. Autolyse for 20-40 min, preferably warming to over 20C. Knead to the right consisency. Leave to rise at room temp overnight or longer. Anything over 18C makes it rise too quick. This one was sitting at about 14C-16C. It felt like a tight baloon when I put it in the oven.

Add the usual fold and stretch, if you do this. I don't.





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