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New Member in SE England

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New Member in SE England

Just popping in to introduce myself - Laurie - new to baking with only 2 loaves of foccacio and a couple unsucessful attempts at Ciabatta.  Looking forward to trying more having just placed an order for a variety of flours.

I am also an avid vegetable and fruit grower with a full kitchen garden.  My prime interest is pumpkin, so looking for new ideas on how to use them in baking.


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Great that you've been infected by the bread making virus, too. I'm sure you will progress on doing Ciabatta and other breads, once you've studied all the helpful tutorials here. You've probably already noticed the "Handbook" section in the menu bar at the top of the page. This is a great start to baking bread. Here is a really nice video about making Ciabatta from start to finish: . You may want to use a different recipe or may not have a mixer and knead by hand instead, still it gives a good idea about how you can handle Ciabatta dough successfully.

Pumpkins are great for baking, both bread and cake. It gives a wonderful taste and a luscious/moist texture. I've never done pumpkin bread myself, but have bought it several times.

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got a magazine yesterday that says pumpkin is good for eyes, especially for women, its a woman's magazine so expect its good for anyones eyes. Supposed to reduce the chances of cataracts and macular degeneration by 18%, they reccomend a half cup daily, which they describe as the amount in slice of pumpkin pie, or pumpkin bread, never have figured that much pumpkin in the bread, but who am I to argue!

It has lutien and another antioxidant to scavange free radicals and keep eyes healthy, so eat your pumpkin, you can also make pumpkin soup, baked pumpkin (that is one my brother found) (peel the pumpkin, slice in crecents, lay on baking tray, salt and pepper or season to taste,drissle with olive oil (which by the way is supposed to help with weight loss, same mag) and bake at 350F until tender, eat with a meal, or on its own, defintitly yummy, and worth the time and effort.

The olive oil is supposed to be extra virgin, because its the least processed and has the most ;enzymes and goodies in, and they say cooking with it, or baking doesn't hurt the oil and will help with weight loss. 3 tbsps per day with a reasonable diet (dont' eat 15 pounds of fried chicken like I've seen some people do) is supposed to help you loose up to 9 pounds a week, its supposed to help fat storage insulin become a normal level rather than overproduction that happens in many people.

Am certainly going to try it, and since its all I use in the kitchen, it will be worth it.