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Bland starter

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Bland starter

I have a starter that has been going for 6 mos, works fine, just does not have any flavor.

Bake with it every 2-3 days and refresh it every 10-12 days. It is the seed culture from P. R's "Artisan Breads Every Day".

Any ideas to sour this up? TY, Dave

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Bake with it every 2-3 days and refresh it every 10-12 days.

I'm not sure I understand the above.   How much starter do you keep that allows you to use it a few times a week, but only feed it every two weeks?

I don't have the book you refer to and am curious about the method.  Is that something Reinhart advises (feeding ever two weeks)?

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He says starter will be good for 5 days but it stays good so I go with it. W/ this recipe you only use 2oz, build a starter then make bread.

I keep it longer thinking it will get sour but it does not.

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Hi there,

So you're only feeding your starter every couple weeks? This will explain the flavor you're getting. With no new food and no new anything entering the seed starter, you're going to keep the same flavor until it develops some truly hostile organisms (i.e. it rots).

For sour, complex starter, it should be fed at least every 12 hours depending on its strength. This should be your basic maintenance feeding schedule until the starter is strong enough to go in the refrigerator, nevermind when you're building it up to make bread.

After about two weeks of this type of feeding schedule, the starter's strength and flavor should begin to improve a great deal.

That's my experience, anyway.