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Pound Cake Storage

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3 Olives

Pound Cake Storage

I bought a beautiful pound cake at our Church Fall Festival today. Half is going to a friend on Tuesday. Should I put her half in the fridge until Tuesday or wrapped up in a plastic bag until then?  Thanks!

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If I have a 'reserved' pound cake within the first day or two if it's not delivered.  I freeze it , tight wrapped in saran wrap and then foil and just let it thaw on the way to where it's going.  You would never know it was frozen...thaws out lovely and fresh.  Pound cakes do keep quite a while even well wrapped and refrigerated while eating.  Added:  If frozen, keep wrapped until fully thawed.


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This Day

My dad used to bake lots of pound cakes and fruit cakes for Christmas gifts.  He'd start in late November and would baste each baked cake with brandy about three times at one-week intervals.  He basted with a pastry brush, and then wrapped each cake in clear food wrap, then in foil before refrigerating.  A thin slice of brandy-basted pound cake warmed in the microwave tastes mighty fine! The brandy helps preserve it too.