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Nutritional yeast

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Nutritional yeast


I was given a receipe by a friend for "anytime snack":


1cup Nitritional yeast.( My friend  who gave me the receipe told me this yeast is used for baking and not not for beer)

2 Cups peanut Butter

6 cups honey

Blend and refrigerate.

At Market basket, i asked for Nutritional yeast and the shop attendant showed me: Fleischmann's Active Dry yeast.

Now I made the mixture of the above- suddenly it struck me after making the mix!!! -when i read the instructions  on the packet of this yeast, that the yeast has to be mixed in Hot water 100Degree F and then used!

Pl. advise me if I have to scrap/throw out the mix I prepared if it is unhealthy or harmful to my body?

I am not an expert in cooking-but I liked the taste of the above combination when I was served and hence sought the receipe so ttat i can try at home.

Pl. advise








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It is not the same yeast used for baking. In fact as far as I know it is deactivated. It is sold as "Nutritional Yeast" as your friend said.  Look for it online or in health food stores.

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Nutritional yeast is deactivated yeast grown for human consumption and has a mild yeasty/nutty flavour (great in salad dressings). What you got was baking yeast which won't harm you but wont taste the same and will probably make you burp.

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comes from the fact that only animals, fungi and bacteria can produce some of the essential B-group vitamins (especially B-12, I believe)

If you're vegan or vegetarian, you don't have many options: natto, tempeh, 'Marmite' or 'Vegemite' and, perhaps, some other fermented foods...'nutritional yeast' is one of those options...just don't bother trying to bake bread with it, though. You'll need some kind of 'active' yeast for that. "Nutritional Yeast" is purposely DE-activated



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being forcefed nutritional yeast in milk, neither of which I liked, I have to wodner at your enthusiasm for it, espcially in peanut butter which I cannot and that is undelined and capatalized eat at all. Not because of allergies, but because I can't swallow it!

However everyone to their taste as I've been told, so I will second the notion that you get it from a health food store! My aunt bought it for years and visits to her house were the source of the force feeding, it didn't hurt me, but then again, we weren't vegetarian so we really didn't need it!

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Red Star makes a large and small flake nutritional yeast.  it is available at most health food stores, just be sure to NOT buy brewer's yeast....It is also great to add into anything you make as a veggie loaf or burger, in soups or chile as a garnish instead of cheese, on popcorn, and as a coating with bread crumbs or corn meal for anything you fry or bake!!!!  I have used it for over 40 years and it is chock full of B vitamins.

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Has anyone ever added this to bread dough as a flavor  ingredient ? I know it's not the same as the yeast we use to make bread rise.