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Renee B


I have had some customers express an interest in pre-sliced bread, but I dont move the kind of volume that would warrant one of those very expensive commercial table top slicers.  However, I'm afraid that the alternative, a slicing guide, would not produce sale quality slices.  Does anybody know of a brand of slicer that would not break the bank?

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This slicer may do  the job for you at a reasonable price.



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I bought one a few months ago after reading the post referenced above and use it mainly for bread.  As a first time buyer on HSN I got 15% off, so $85 delivered!

I use the smooth blade that came extra rather than the serrated blade that comes preloaded.

The only caveat is the blade is stainless, not high carbon steel.  Thus it dulls somewhat quickly.  However, I have an oval shaped diamond coated sharpening steel that I use to keep my knives sharp.  It is very easy to open the guide wide, turn on the machine and position the edge of the steel at the blade edge at the proper bevel.  Then reposition on the opposite side.  After only a moment or two, the blade is sharp again. 

Another benefit is being able to slice pepperoni, dried sausage and other such meats very thin in line with tradition.  So for the money, it can't be beat!