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Graham Flour - Where to buy in UK?

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Graham Flour - Where to buy in UK?

Hi Everyone, 

I am based in UK finding it very hard to source 'Graham Flour', would anyone know where I can source this in the UK or alternativly source it from outside of UK? 

I have come across the 'Hodgson Mill' brand of Graham flour, but amazon will not send to UK. 

Please can you list websites etc of where I can purchase this type of flour! 

Many thanks,


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Use 83% white flour, 14.5% wheat bran, and 2.5% wheat germ. I get my wheat germ in a sealed jar, and after I open it I put the rest in a freezer so it won't go rancid (bitter). 

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That's a blast from the past

I would try someone like Shipton Mill they have a Q&A section and Clive may be able to help or Doves Farm maybe