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bagels no taste

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bagels no taste

I am new to this forum, I just received the BBA bread book and I tried the bagel receipe.  I followed all the directions and yet I found the bagels had no taste and they flattened out.  Any input as to what I could have done wrong would be appreciated.  I used malt syrup for the sugar.  Does malt syrup have a shelf life? Please respond.

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Barley malt syrup has a shelf life of about a year, give or take, if kept refrigerated and air tight after the jar is opened. After opening, it can/will mold in short order, if not refrigerated.

Sounds like your bagels were over proofed and/or boiled too long. This is the cause of the flatness.

Cannot speak to the taste issue as I have not used the bba recipe, but they all seem to be pretty similar(except for retarding/refrigeration). Are you sure you didn't forget to add the salt?

 I have done a couple of the King Artur recipes, and one or two others. Taste was pretty much like, a bagel.