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Welbilt Dough Maker

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Welbilt Dough Maker

Does anybody outhere happen to have a Welbilt Dough Maker? I found one in my stepmother's house, she past away and I inherited all the baking stuff in her kitchen. I found a doughmaker but, no manual for instrucctions. If someone has used one or has any comments, I would appreciated. Thank you very much.

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I have been looking for a Welbilt Dough Maker {not the bread maching combo}, if that is what yours is, would you be interested in selling it?

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Where do you reside? I live in California.  Do you know how to use it?

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I do know how to use it for basic bread because my mom has had one.  We actually found one on e-bay so my mr. made it my Christmas present.

If you ever wanted to sell yours though I would maybe be interested.  My mom's mixing bowl is cracked down the side and she uses it all the time {even with the crack}.

I made my first loaves of bread with it today.

If you want basic instructions here they are:

Put yeast in first then add all of the dry ingredients add the liqud ingredients last.  It processes for one hour and 45 minutes.  Then you shape your loaves and cook them in the oven as usual...

Hope this helps

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I have the welbit dough maker NOT the combo bread machine. If you still need the book I have it. This is the best kitchen appliance ever, you will LOVE it!!

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Any way you could scan it and email it?


Or at least the chapter on basic operations?

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Hi Monika2:

Y just read this message. I would love to have the book or a copy of it. I noticed somebody else needs the instructions. Please let me know how can we do this. Can you scan it and mail it to me or can I give you my address.

Thank you so much for your help.


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Hi Monika2     

 Do U Still Have The Manual For The Welbilt Dough Maker,I Desided To Pull Mine Out Of The Attic ,But Can't Find My Manual.I Would Love To Get A Copy Of It ,I Would Pay U For A Copy.I Have Searched Everywhere For It.PLEASE I Have Been In The Mood To Make Bread.THANK U IN ADVANCE......HAVE A GREAT EVENING...........DONNA

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Donna, there are some welbilt manuals here